How to find which of the breast implant sizes and types is best for you   

How on earth can you choose the best option from all of the breast implant sizes and types?  If you are having breast augmentation let’s make the planning stage fun.  If you invest the time and care before your surgery into the proper selection of your breast implant you will be much happier with your outcome.


breast implants

Attractive balance and fullness of breasts





Follow this step by step process to create your stunning new breast size and appearance.

Choosing breast implants for your breast augmentation will require the expertise of your surgeon blended with your desired results.  Experienced surgeons, like Dr. Lorelei Grunwaldt, will educate you every step of the way.

There are a number of factors you and your surgeon will consider so that you look stunning.

  • Your body size
  • Your current breast size and breast shape
  • Your goal for your new look

 Part of your analysis of breast implant sizes and types will involve your shoulder width, your ribcage size, and your hip & waist size.

                                            First: Can I choose the cup size that I want as my goal?

While you can target a general breast size, expecting a specific cup size is unrealistic.  Your final breast size should complement your overall figure and physique.  Your new breast appearance can be more prominent and add to your attractiveness while being proportional with your current body.

The profile of the implant describes the distance that your breasts project from your body.  Profile choices range from low (least projection), to moderate and high (most projection).  The base width is the diameter or lateral size of your breasts.  Low profile implants have the least amount of projection and high profile implants have the greatest amount of projection from the chest wall.  This figure shows the profiles available by Allergan Natrelle.


Natrelle breast implants by Allergan

Various profiles of breast implants


                                                                                        Second: More cleavage or more projection?

Moderate implants typically look more natural, but, many women like a more dramatic, push up look associated with high profile breast implants.  Moderate profile implants tend to create nicely proportioned, natural appearing breasts. High profile implants are nice for women with narrow breasts- These high-profile implants result in rounder, pointier breasts. But, in women with the correct measurements, high profile implants are also very aesthetic.

Low profile implants result in a less projecting and wider breast. These are nice for women with very wide breasts that desire volume at the edges of their breasts, especially in the cleavage and upper breast areas.

moderate breast implants creating cleavage

Achieve attractive cleavage with moderate implants

                                    Lower profile, larger volume/diameter implants accentuate cleavage

Bring in photos of examples of breast profiles that you like and Dr. Grunwaldt will take those into consideration during the planning of your surgery.  The FDA offers specific medical information on various implants  here.  

                                          What sizes of implants are available or “How big should I go?”

Breast implant sizes range from about 100cc to over 850cc.  The larger the implant the more that your breasts will project.  Each size of implant comes in various widths and profiles.  As a rough general guideline, each 150cc is close to one cup size.

                                The above shows breast implant profiles of increasing projection

To discover your final appearance after your augmentation surgery you can use breast sizing inserts inside your clothing to see the result.  Dr. Grunwaldt can help you with this.

                                                 Next: What shape of breast implant sizes and types is best?

When considering breast implant sizes and types know that implants also come in both round and tear drop shapes.  Round implants are more symmetrical, giving the breast the same fullness all the way around.  Teardrop implants have more volume on the lower half giving more fullness in the breast below the nipple.

Teardrop shaped implants tend to give a more natural look.  Round breast implants are much fuller at the top and have more outward projection.  This offers a more dramatic fullness preferred by most women.

Also: Are Smooth or Textured breast implants best for you?

Smooth implants can move a little more within the pocket than textured implants.  Otherwise they are similar.  Because there are some medical complications that have been associated with textured breast implants, most women choose the smooth breast implants.

One of the leading manufacturers of various breast implant types and sizes is Mentor.  Mentor offers both saline breast implants and silicone implants.  Dr. Grunwaldt will be happy to discuss with you the benefits of each.

So clip a few photos of examples if you like.  At your consult try on some inserts to visualize your new look.  Listen to your plastic surgeon’s advice.  Look stunning in the new you.