Breast augmentation surgery is a surgery that Harvard-trained, plastic surgeon Dr. Lorelei Grunwaldt routinely performs.  Many women feel that breast augmentation gives them an improved body image.  You can choose to increase your cleavage or you may choose to increase the profile of your breasts (how far they project from your chest).  To achieve your goals, you will choose from a variety of surgical approaches and from various breast implant types.

Through a personal consultation, Dr. Grunwaldt can help guide you to the type of implant and the amount of increase in your breast size that is best for you.  In addition, Dr. Grunwaldt has expertise in breast augmentation surgery for Poland’s syndrome, breast asymmetry, constricted breast, and hypoplastic breast.

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Who is a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Women and young ladies who would like to have breast augmentation may have a variety of reasons for wishing to have the procedure. One major reason is to boost self-esteem. Women with smaller breasts or breasts that are asymmetric can improve the shape and size of their breasts and this allows them to feel better about themselves.

Most women and young ladies who are in good physical health are candidates for the surgery. Many patients will be required to undergo a physical exam by their primary care doctor prior to the surgery.

What is the Price for Breast Augmentation in Pittsburgh?

Dr. Grunwaldt is able to offer you a fee that is at the lower end of the fee ranges in Pittsburgh because she maintains such a low overhead.  You can click here to learn more about her fees.

Recovery from Breast Augmentation

The recovery time from breast augmentation depends on the type of augmentation that is done. It depends on where the implants are placed. If they are placed on top of the chest muscle, the recovery time is slightly shorter than if they are placed underneath it.

Most patients will have some discomfort after breast augmentation surgery. If implants are placed above the chest muscle, there is less pain than if they are placed below the chest muscle.

Patients will be prescribed pain medication to take after the surgery. It is normal to be sore and tired for the first few days after the procedure. Tightness may also be felt.

A special bra will be given to you after the surgery to be worn for the first six weeks. This bra will support the augmentation and allow healing to occur. Most breast augmentation patients will be back to work in a week or so as long as this does not involve heavy lifting.

For the first six weeks after breast augmentation surgery, it is key to avoid strenuous activity that requires the patient to use the arms or chest muscles to lift anything more than 2.5 pounds. Also, for the first six weeks after surgery, the patient should avoid contact sports.

It is normal for the chest tissue to be sensitive and swollen during the first several months after surgery. Dr. Grunwaldt will provide you with specific instructions to allow for ideal healing.

Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery

As a surgery that Dr. Grunwaldt has performed hundreds of times, breast augmentation surgery patients can rest assured that Dr. Grunwaldt takes certain precautions and safety measures before completing your surgery. Though Dr. Grunwaldt does everything to prevent complications, patients must understand that there are certain risks and complications inherent in this surgery.

One risk of breast augmentation surgery is scarring. Although many patients will have scars that are difficult to see, some patients may have more noticeable scars.

Bleeding is uncommon but can occur after breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Grunwaldt will take special steps to ensure the lowest possible risk of bleeding. Patients who are taking blood-thinning medications need to let Dr. Grunwaldt know prior to surgery.

Another risk of breast augmentation surgery is infection. Dr. Grunwaldt has a less than 1% infection risk. All breast augmentation surgery patients will be on a course of antibiotics after surgery to minimize this risk even more.

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Dr. Grunwaldt trained numerous young surgeons in her breast techniques at UPMC and will ensure your risks are as low as they can possibly be. She looks forward to providing you a personalized consultation.