Dr. Grunwaldt performed a bi-lateral otoplasty our teenage daughter. We were so pleased with the results. Dr. Grunwaldt is an exceptionally skilled surgeon. The decision to have plastic surgery for our daughter was not initially an easy decision for us. After we met with Dr. Grunwaldt she immediately made us feel at ease with her warmth and kindness. She made our daughter feel confident in her decision to have the surgery. Our entire experience from the initial consultation through the surgery and eventually the follow up appointments were all easy and stress free. Dr. Grunwaldt was always there to answer any questions we had. She showed us that she really cared about our daughter. We would highly recommend Dr. Grunwaldt. We feel very lucky to have had her as our surgeon.

– Leah C.

Dr. Grunwaldt gave our son life changing surgery. She followed him the entire way through and had to actually operate on him twice. He lost over 120 pounds and is in top physical condition now as a 21 year old man. I would highly recommend her. Her infection rate as a surgeon was the best we ever saw and he has no complications. When we followed up with her she was truly so excited for his success. She told him I only did “a little” you did it all! She was truly passionate about her work. Even now, years later we are so happy with the talent and humbleness God gave her and she uses for her patients.

– Don P.

I have known Dr. Grunwaldt for 15 years, and I have always admired her work ethic and the meticulous care she takes care of her patients. That encouraged me, too, to become a patient of hers. I had a great experience with her throughly the surgical process and then again with non surgical services. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a physician who is 100% focused on delivering the finest care and results.

– Amy K.

Dr. Grunwaldt was such an amazing surgeon. She was very helpful in choosing the right procedure and informative about the surgery I was having. She was personable and made me feel comfortable about the entire situation. Her pre and post-op instructions were very understandable and she made it clear that she was available to answer any questions I had. She was just so considerate and I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me!

– Anonymous

I had a great experience with Dr. Grunwaldt. Dr. G is a fantastic surgeon and person. Dr. G can facilitate the experience and results that every trans person endeavoring to reach this milestone in their transition deserves. My surgery results have blown me away and my friends have offered endless compliments of Dr. G’s work. I am thankful to have met Dr. G and it is incredibly special that her work will forever be part of me.

– Anonymous

Doctor Grundwaldt was very caring, compassionate, considerate, and forthcoming on all information on the surgery. She explained everything in detail, made me feel confident her abilities in the surgery. Before surgery her staff explained everything to us, post surgery she came out and spoke to us, explained everything about how the surgery went well. Over the next week her staff kept in touch

– Anonymous

She was excellent! Her patient care was phenomenal. She was always concerned with the outcome and the sterility of the O.R. Her follow-up to surgery was exceptional. She explained everything so well. We would highly recommend Dr. Grunwaldt for gynecomastia surgery.

– Gynecomastia Patient

Dr. Grunwaldt provided an excellent experience.  I was nervous about making changes but she guided me through the initial appointment answering all of my questions.  Most importantly Dr. Grunwaldt LISTENED to my input and concerns. Having a woman as my surgeon made me feel both understood and comfortable with my decision.

I feel very good about the outcome of the surgery.  The results were much better than expected.  She provided a very natural but youthful look.  No more hiding my neck with scarves and clothing.  The entire experience made me feel more comfortable about myself.

I highly recommend Dr. Grunwaldt based on her skill level as a surgeon and her kind compassionate nature.  She truly wants to help people.

– Facelift Patient