I came to Dr. Lorelei Grunwaldt Falbo after much research due to her plethora of recognition as an expert and artist in her field. I had a breast augmentation nearly 20 years ago by a different surgeon and had never been truly satisfied with the results. I came to Dr. Lorelei with the hopes of a revision that would leave me feeling, at best, good about my appearance. From the initial consult to my most recent follow-up 3 weeks post-op, Dr. Lorelei and her staff have shown that “good” is not good enough. They strive for excellence. My results – implant exchange with lift and liposuction to the lower abdomen – have so far exceeded any expectation that I feel even “excellent” does not do the experience justice. The compassion, kindness, and inclusion within the process was second to none. To anyone considering plastic surgery, I would recommend Dr. Lorelei without hesitation and look forward to continuing to see her for any future procedures I may wish to pursue.

– A.B.

Dr. Lorelei and her staff are wonderful.

After pregnancy and breastfeeding four children, having a [breast augmentation] was something I’ve been wanting for many years. I came across Dr. Lorelei and she helped bring my dream to life. Not only was she very helpful but super supportive during the whole process. She made me feel at ease and answered all my questions and concerns from start to finish. I had a vision of what I wanted and Dr. Lorelei went above and beyond. I absolutely love my results and how much confidence I have already gained. I have family and friends even telling me they see how much more self-love I have now and how my happiness shows after my augmentation.

I highly recommend Dr. Lorelei and her staff!

– S.M.

I can’t thank Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo and her amazing staff for the care I received for my breast augmentation! Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo was extremely professional throughout this entire process. Her bedside manner was by far the best I have ever received. She was extremely thorough about everything that would be happening with the surgery before and after! My results are exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier!

Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo’s staff are also the other reason why her practice stood out from the rest of the practices I looked into before picking Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo as my surgeon. They are extremely nice, organized, professional and I never waited in the waiting room for an extended period of time! If I could give her Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo more than 5 stars I would!! Thank you again for bringing my confidence back!

– D.M.

Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo is the BEST! From start to finish she cared about me not only as a patient but also as a woman.

She is professional, caring, and an expert in her field. Her commitment to a safe and infection-free surgery and recovery was amazing. The staff at the surgical center was also top-notch. Her administrative assistant Lyn was wonderful too.

She gives you straight-up information on what to expect and what to do to achieve the results you are looking for.

Throughout my recovery, she would call or email to make sure everything was going well. We sent pictures of the surgical area and she responded promptly.

If I ever need a procedure again I will contact her without hesitation!!

– V.K.

Saying I’m happy with my results is an understatement. I can’t believe that I waited so long to get my lift. If you’re on the fence my advice is to do it!!! I had very minimal discomfort and Dr. Grunwaldt is the best. I cannot thank her enough.

– J.H.

When you hire a surgeon there’s the surgical aspect to consider, of course, but there’s also another side to it. The side you live with – are they too small, too big, are they the right shape, etc. These details are determined not only in decisions made during your consultation but also by your surgeon’s interpretation of your wants and needs. I can imagine it’s not an easy task to sort through but I believe Dr. Grunwaldt is the surgeon who will get it right. She’s always listening and understands what it is that’s important to you. She shares your vision and values your input.

There are many intricacies and nuances that affect your body and your self-image and Dr. Grunwaldt is amazing at understanding what that means for you as an individual. She heard me! When I look in the mirror I am thankful to have had her as my surgeon.

Additionally, Dr. Grunwaldt and her team were incredibly supportive throughout the whole process. They took the time to offer assuring words if needed and always made me feel comfortable. Dr. Grunwaldt followed up with me personally and answered any and all of my questions.

If you choose Dr. Grunwaldt as your surgeon you will find yourself in the best of hands!

– Anonymous

After 10 years of being greatly disappointed with the results I received not from no one, but two surgeons within the Pittsburgh area trying to get my breast to look somewhat close to the way they were prior to giving birth to my 4 beautiful children, I can say that Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo is the BEST plastic Surgeon in Pittsburgh!

Believe me, I wasn’t asking for the moon, I just wanted a size C with a lift. My first experience, I will say I was very naïve when it came to breast augmentation. I thought I read up and found the surgeon that would give me what I was looking for, but when I was about to be wheeled into the surgical suite, I heard my doctor state; “I can’t wait to get out of here and leave for my golf trip in Florida”, thinking back, this surgeon really didn’t listen to what I wanted as he only spent approximately 15 minutes in the room with me prior to my surgery date. Needless to say, shortly after my procedure, I felt a snap in my right breast and my breast drifted under my armpit and I was very scared. I went back to the surgeon to correct what had happened and he didn’t seem concerned and I went again to the surgical suite to get the issue resolved, however it was never corrected and I lived with my right breast under my armpit for seven years until I decided to try this again with a different surgeon. Once again, I met with a surgeon and asked if he could fix the breast that was under my armpit and give me a lift to a size C and he said yes, I was so excited and scheduled my surgery date. When I woke up from this procedure, the surgeon said that he could not do a lift, but did fill my breasts up to a 680 CC, I was horrified and once again felt like no one listened to me. I became very depressed, I gained thirty pounds and I hated the way I looked.

This is when I found Dr. Lorelei Grunwaldt Falbo online, I was immediately excited about all of her accomplishments and working with pediatric patients. As a nurse, I worked with pediatric patients and you truly have to be able to listen and communicate well with children. Listening is what I found enduring with Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo as Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo called me almost immediately after requesting an appointment online and we spoke on the phone longer than I did with either of the previous surgeons mentioned.

If you are looking to have a breast procedure, please do not go anywhere else as, after 11 years, Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo gave me my life back!!! I am only two months out from my procedure and I couldn’t be any happier with my results!! I have very minimal scarring, and my breast hasn’t looked like this since I was in high school, seriously! I got remarried 5 years ago and my husband watched as I was getting more depressed and now hasn’t seen me this HAPPY in years!!!

Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo, thank you for listening, thank you for all the years of training you had endured, and mostly, thank you for being in the Pittsburgh area and I will surely be a lifelong customer!

– Anonymous

Dr. Grunwaldt performed a bi-lateral otoplasty on our teenage daughter. We were so pleased with the results. Dr. Grunwaldt is an exceptionally skilled surgeon. The decision to have plastic surgery for our daughter was not initially an easy decision for us. After we met with Dr. Grunwaldt she immediately made us feel at ease with her warmth and kindness. She made our daughter feel confident in her decision to have the surgery. Our entire experience from the initial consultation through the surgery and eventually the follow-up appointments were all easy and stress-free. Dr. Grunwaldt was always there to answer any questions we had. She showed us that she really cared about our daughter. We would highly recommend Dr. Grunwaldt. We feel very lucky to have had her as our surgeon.

– Leah C.

Dr. Grunwaldt gave our son life-changing surgery. She followed him the entire way through and had to actually operate on him twice. He lost over 120 pounds and is in top physical condition now as a 21-year-old man. I would highly recommend her. Her infection rate as a surgeon was the best we ever saw and he has no complications. When we followed up with her she was truly so excited about his success. She told him I only did “a little” you did it all! She was truly passionate about her work. Even now, years later we are so happy with the talent and humbleness God gave her and she uses for her patients.

– Don P.

I have known Dr. Grunwaldt for 15 years, and I have always admired her work ethic and the meticulous care she takes care of her patients. That encouraged me, too, to become a patient of hers. I had a great experience with her through the surgical process and then again with nonsurgical services. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a physician who is 100% focused on delivering the finest care and results.

– Amy K.

Dr. Grunwaldt was such an amazing surgeon. She was very helpful in choosing the right procedure and informative about the surgery I was having. She was personable and made me feel comfortable about the entire situation. Her pre and post-op instructions were very understandable and she made it clear that she was available to answer any questions I had. She was just so considerate and I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me!

– Anonymous

I had a great experience with Dr. Grunwaldt. Dr. G is a fantastic surgeon and person. Dr. G can facilitate the experience and results that every trans person endeavoring to reach this milestone in their transition deserves. My surgery results have blown me away and my friends have offered endless compliments of Dr. G’s work. I am thankful to have met Dr. G and it is incredibly special that her work will forever be part of me.

– Anonymous

Dr. Grunwaldt was very caring, compassionate, considerate, and forthcoming on all information on the surgery. She explained everything in detail, made me feel confident in her abilities in the surgery. Before surgery, her staff explained everything to us, post-surgery she came out and spoke to us, explained everything about how the surgery went well. Over the next week her staff kept in touch

– Anonymous

She was excellent! Her patient care was phenomenal. She was always concerned with the outcome and the sterility of the O.R. Her follow-up to surgery was exceptional. She explained everything so well. We would highly recommend Dr. Grunwaldt for gynecomastia surgery.

– Gynecomastia Patient

Dr. Grunwaldt provided an excellent experience.  I was nervous about making changes but she guided me through the initial appointment answering all of my questions.  Most importantly Dr. Grunwaldt LISTENED to my input and concerns. Having a woman as my surgeon made me feel both understood and comfortable with my decision.

I feel very good about the outcome of the surgery.  The results were much better than expected.  She provided a very natural but youthful look.  No more hiding my neck with scarves and clothing.  The entire experience made me feel more comfortable about myself.

I highly recommend Dr. Grunwaldt based on her skill level as a surgeon and her kind compassionate nature.  She truly wants to help people.

– Facelift Patient

I visited Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo’s practice for the first time last week while I was visiting Pittsburgh. Her assistant, Lyn, called me a few days before my appointment to get initial details. She was very helpful and made me feel super comfortable about coming in, sending me the initial paperwork I needed to complete & providing directions. The office was very easy to find and once inside, it is a beautiful facility! While professional, it’s extremely relaxing and has a really great layout – each area felt very private and inviting. From start to finish, my consult was such an enjoyable experience. I met with Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo to discuss a possible “Mommy Makeover” breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Our discussion was easy, like chatting with a friend (not a doctor), and she gave me her honest opinion and explained how the entire process would work. At this time, I’m still considering what I might want to formally plan to do, and it was a very low-pressure environment that made me confident that no matter what I decide to do, Dr. Grunwaldt Falbo will be there to support the decision. I’m so grateful for someone like her in this field for women who are considering these types of procedures.
– J.B.