Breast augmentation cost Pittsburgh varies for a number of reasons.

Some of these variables of Breast augmentation cost Pittsburgh include:

  • Skill of the plastic surgeon
  • Specific surgical approach that you need
  • Extent of the surgery you require
  • Whether you will need an additional procedure such as breast lift, liposuction etc.
  • Other risk factors you may have

Guidelines to find breast augmentation cost Pittsburgh.

When you obtain a quote for your surgery keep in mind there are generally three individual fees that will make up your total.

  1. Surgeon’s fee
  2. Surgical center fee
  3. Anesthesia fee

The total of these comprise your total outlay.

Most fees or quotes that you hear are for the surgeon’s fee only.  When talking only about the surgeon’s fee a breast augmentation, fees range from $7000 – $9,000 in Pittsburgh.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons publishes  average surgical fees in the U.S. as well.  Remember though, this fee does not include costs for the implants or for the surgical center/anesthesia.

So in the above example, you would add the surgeon’s fee to the other two fees.  This results in a total fee range of $10,000- $9500 as your total breast augmentation cost Pittsburgh.  You will find that Pittsburgh tends to be more affordable for elective surgeries than many other cities.

Dr. Grunwaldt sets her fee on the low end of the surgeon’s fee scale shown above.  She is able to do this because she manages her office overhead to be low and can pass this savings on to you.  The type and size of implant that you choose with Dr. Grunwaldt will also factor in to your fee.  You can learn more about sizes of implants here.  However, be assured that when Dr. Grunwaldt provides you with your fee, she will include the cost of the implant you have chosen.  So there are no hidden or confusing fees for you to worry about.

Do I have to pay the entire surgery fee at once?

No, usually you do not.  Most of the time you will place a down payment to hold your surgery date.  Then, the balance will be due later, but before your surgery.

Can I make payments for my breast augmentation cost?

Yes.  Dr. Grunwaldt offers a few payment options to help you spread the cost of your surgery over time.  This way you can attain the body changes you want and stay within your finance budget.  One option allows you to pay about $290 per month after paying your down payment.