Breast implant exchange

What is a breast implant exchange and what can it improve?  This procedure may be for you if you:

breast implant exchange

Breast implant exchange and lift

If it has been ten or more years since you had a breast augmentation the appearance of your breasts may have changed.  This is normal because the implants can shift in their space or change shape.  If you notice these changes you can probably benefit from a breast implant exchange.  In addition to having your implants exchanged you can also enhance your appearance by having a breast lift or breast reduction at the same time.

Breast implant exchange consultation

If you decide to pursue breast implant exchange begin your journey with a thorough consultation.  Your conversation with your surgeon should be personalized to you.  Your body type is unique  as are your goals for your final appearance.  Your surgeon should take ample time to hear what you desire and to explain why she can achieve that for you or why your body style may require a slight modification to your initial goals.  It will help if you can bring pictures to your consultation to show what you have in mind.  You should also be given time to ask questions during your appointment.  Dr. Grunwaldt will take plenty of time to discuss and to show you what you can expect.

To be a good candidate for breast implant exchange you should be a non smoker and otherwise healthy.  Hopefully you are at or near your desired body weight.

How is a breast implant exchange performed?

In this procedure, your surgeon will make an incision which will allow her to remove your current implant.  Then, she will carefully place the new implant type and style that you have chosen into your breast.  The type of incision and approach will be determined by your surgeon during your office visit with her.  Take time to understand this part of the procedure.

Breast lift options

When you pursue your implant exchange you will have an option to add a breast lift.  This procedure can help to both reshape your breasts’ appearance and provide for a younger, healthier look.  This is your chance to create a new look for your body, the look that you want.

Do you want a striking, remarkable enhancement that your friends will notice?  In this case, Dr. Grunwaldt can help you choose one of the newest breast implants that will give you a pronounced enlargement.  These are newly engineered contours not available before mid year 2022.  You can choose to have your breast implant exchange done with an implant that has a higher profile and is noticed more.

Or, would you prefer a little more volume in your breasts but to maintain a youthful and more natural look?  Dr. Grunwaldt can show you breast implants that will create this look for you as well.  You will look moderately more full and natural simultaneously.

Other women wish to change the contour of their belly or torso as well.  This can be discussed at your consultation, however, it will be a separate surgery.

Choose an expert

This surgery requires quite a bit of skill and experience.  Dr. Lorelei Grunwaldt prides herself on having performed an extensive number of breast surgeries over the past two decades.  Her many years of training started at Harvard.  Dr. Grunwaldt is a board certified plastic surgeon and as an associate clinical professor, she has trained new plastic surgery residents at the University of Pittsburgh on her techniques.  To begin your journey, simply complete our contact form and/or call our office to be scheduled.

How much does a breast implant exchange cost?

The cost will vary from surgeon to surgeon.  Dr. Grunwaldt maintains an office overhead much less than most other plastic surgeons so she is able to pass those savings on to you.  The fees for surgery like this have a few components, surgeon’s fee, surgical center fee and anesthesia fee.  In the Pittsburgh area you can expect your total of all of these fees to be $10,000 – $15,000.  Dr. Grunwaldt’s fees are on the lowest end of this range.