Your crunch course on fat transfer breast augmentation 

Fat transfer breast augmentation, uses a technique like liposuction.  The surgeon removes small amounts of fat from one area of your body, for example your thighs, and injects it into your breasts.  This injection adds volume and increases your breast size.

fat transfer breast augmentation

Illustration of injection of fat into breasts

The fat transfer method for breast augmentation is most appropriate for women who want small increases to their breast size such as a one cup size or so.  While conventional breast implant surgeries increase the breast size by one cup size or more, fat transfer usually provides less than this.  Because of this, fat transfer also results in a more subtle, more natural appearance.  Fat transfer breast augmentation can also be used to correct breast asymmetry.

Fat transfer breast augmentation will probably not allow you to achieve this outcome:

breast augmentation

             Large breast volume

But hang on, don’t lose hope yet.

Now look at these three images from left to right.  Assume that you start as the image on the far left.  While fat transfer can help you transition to the middle picture…

breast augmentation sizes

Transition of breast enhancement sizes

fat transfer breast augmentation is unlikely to create the look of the breasts on the far right.

As a contrast, click here to learn more about breast augmentation with implants.

What is “pre-expansion” treatment for fat transfer?

To obtain a more dramatic result, patients can use a pre-expansion treatment for several weeks prior to surgery.  This is a much newer technique that can accentuate your result.  The patient wears an expansion device similar to a bra, which creates negative pressure allowing the tissue to expand the breast.  This allows the injected fat to fit much more easily in the space of the breast.

Possible need for additional injections/treatment

Sometimes, after patients heal, the surgeon must use additional injections of fat to create an improved shape for the final breast augmentation.  Also, it is possible that later you will need additional injections to retain the increased size of your breasts.  This does differ from breast implant surgery, where you do not usually have to have additional surgery to retain your breast size.

What are the risks of fat transfer breast augmentation Pittsburgh?

  • Cysts
  • Infection
  • Microcalcification
  • Necrosis (fat cells die)
  • Fat cells leave the area of the breast

The bottom line?

Fat transfer breast augmentation can be a good alternative to breast implant surgery.  With pre-expansion treatment you can achieve moderate increases in breast size without implants.  Keep in mind that later, you may need re-treatment with further injections to maintain your breast size.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Lorelei Grunwaldt.